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Both task-oriented and person-oriented planning
Assign people and tasks to the kamerplanning
Flexibele capacity planning (such as OK)
scheduling of discussions and meetings
control planning so you can Verify that there is a proper scheduled check of a fair load balancing during
load balancer for both personal and onderling
Mogelijkheid for infinite many basisroosters
Uitgebreide automatically planner Bij changes to the schedule

Users will be notified by email and/or alert in the cal
endar ability to schedule an internship work schedule to voeg
Many settings are possible per task and the interrelationships (task links) Fl
exible ways to Make planning visible as infinite many year, week, and Schipholborden
De planning integrated into all electronic calendars on eg the iMac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Gmail, Outlook, etc.
Possibility to link the hospital’s agenda by means of Microsoft® Exchange Server self-roasting in which there are itself e.g. holidays can be aangevraagd

Own subdomain with an SSL secured connection (HTTPS)